CAREER SUICIDE: Machine Response: LP/CD

May 31, 2017

Ten years is a long time between albums but listening to Machine Response shows that Career Suicide has dropped seamlessly straight back into the hardcore groove. This is a band where power is attained more from sinewy muscle rather than being bulked up to the eyeballs on steroids. It’s no big shock that an outfit featuring Jonah Falco can write songs that take occasional tangential shifts like one of his other bands, Fucked Up, achieves, hence adding to the exciting musical escapades. “Blank Expression” is the killer track and at first I was convinced it was a cover but it’s self-penned and serves as a perfect example of the variety found on this album with a 1970s punk/new wave feel. A welcome return, indeed. –Rich Cocksedge (Deranged, [email protected], / Static Shock, [email protected],