CAREER SUICIDE: Machine Response: LP

Mar 22, 2017

All these years later, they’re still cranking out that ‘80s hardcore sound that may actually sound better than anything that came out in the ‘80s. For those who like their punk fast and catchy, Career Suicide is as reliable as they come and Machine Response does not disappoint. Ten years after they perfected the sound on Attempted Suicide, they’ve turned it into something of their own. With many of their Y2K contemporaries gone, they are free to rule as they wish. They’ve incorporated a few melodic flourishes to the vocals, some crunchy as fuck noise parts, and even decided to slow down (just a tad) where it seems fit. If you’ve been waiting for it, you’re gonna be stoked. If you have no idea who this band is, you’re gonna be stoked. Simply the best. –Daryl (Deranged)

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