CAREER SUICIDE: Machine Response: CD

Sep 20, 2017

Thanks to the fanatical alt-right declaring war on America, there now exists an ineluctable eventually: Demented Donny’s Internment Camps for Dissidents. Which likely means I’m going to be calling Canada “home” soon. And that’s fine by me; I’m hyperborean and Canada has great pike fishing and good beer. They also have a long history of punk bands that, with one power chord, can ignite a case of spontaneous human combustion under every “Make America Great Again” clown hat out there. Imagine that glorious fire of dumb blubber. Anyway, when I settle in to my new Canadian digs, I’ll want to know: has Career Suicide crept under the radar in their home country the way they seem to have in “great again” America? Is it possible that a band so gut-punchingly awesome is something of a red-headed step-sibling to Fucked Up—a Canuck band very much on radars in the lower forty-eight and, rightfully, a band very much adored? Less arty than modern day FU, Career Suicide has the anxious feel of a pier six brawl getting wildly out of hand. They do early ‘80s-flavored hardcore in a viciously unsentimental way that kicks your knee caps off before choking you with the panty hose of your own punk pretensions. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m going with it. Fans of ‘80s hardcore bands like BGK and Articles Of Faith, as well as newer bands like Regulations and OFF!, take note. In this era of the Kali Yuga where Dumb is King and piss-simple tweety thoughts resonate, I’ll say this: punk rock was made for times like this and Career Suicide is as good a soundtrack for anarchy as anything. Long live the Demented Child King! Death to Fanatics! Hail Eris! –Aphid Peewit (Deranged,