CAR BOMB DRIVER: Blessed to be Damned: CD

Sep 26, 2019

Super creepy stalker vibes; someone report this shit and I never want to hear about this band ever fucking again. It’s not edgy, it’s not funny, it’s just a total bastardization of what political punk (like the Dead Kennedys, who they claim as an influence) can be. I assume this band fancies themselves as cut from the “punk rock is supposed to be shocking, I’m just illuminating the horrors of our society through satire” variety, but someone (me, I guess) should let them know that writing songs about stalking and beating women even if you think it’s a joke is not incisive political commentary and that trying to dive into the psyche of a “lonely ordinary guy” who ends up killing a woman is not even close to original or cool. “I am just your average lonely ordinary guy…Come on baby just give me a chance / or you’ll regret it I can promise that / I just wanna be your man / I just wanna smash your face / I just wanna crush your skull / I just wanna snap your neck / I just want you to want me”—it’s seriously beyond me that anyone could be into this. But don’t worry; there is something that me and this band agree on (from what I can tell from the deep-dive down a Florida punk message board): they suck. Will be burning this record. –Theresa W. (Red Hawk)