CAPTAIN ASSHOLE: Successfully Not Giving Up: LP/CD

May 24, 2022

Is it me or are there fewer bands playing the up-tempo, melodic music that seemed to get crowds all excited and sweaty at The Fest? If that’s so, Captain Asshole are stubbornly holding on to that well-worn style as they continue to write anthemic tunes which create that sense of being in a small, dark dive packed with people raising a pint as they singalong in perfect unison with the band on the floor in front of them. Despite still not being a great fan of the band’s name, I do like the songs quite a lot. They have energy and an innate ability to fill me with a positive feeling with their delivery. This gets my head nodding and feet tapping. –Rich Cocksedge (SBÄM, [email protected], / Say-10, [email protected],

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