Nov 22, 2017

Energetic, hyper-melodic pop punk in the vein of a lot of ‘90s Lookout! Records material, sort of Mr. T Experience meets Dillinger Four meets extremely contemporary cultural references. The lyrics are about as cheesy as the music is catchy, with more than a few clunky political declarations—one tongue-in-cheek hook hinges on the phrase “We’re gonna redistribute all your wealth”—but it lends itself to a dorky sweetness that makes it forgivable. There are even a few pretty good lyrical payoffs, including “Some kid started a kickstarter to make potato salad / and raised over 50,000 bucks / this world is invalid.” As a bonus, there are samples from a Donald Trump speech as well as from that unfortunate Miss South Carolina video from, like, ten years ago. I’m a sucker for a good punk organ part, so “Decent Proposal” is the smash hit of this record for me. Super tight, confidently “uncool” pop punk from a band that’s nailing their very particular sound. –Indiana Laub (Brassneck, / Eccentric Pop,