Flash Tabloid is a programmer at WGOT community radio in Gainesville who hosts a show that is, unsurprisingly, chiefly rants about marijuana, peppered with the occasional song. This CD-R, compiling shows 1-13, serves as an audiozine, or so I have been told. Flash Tabloid is the only non-corporate, non-business-oriented cannabis voice in Florida! Flash Tabloid wants you to get in tune with the earth and the soil! Flash Tabloid hates the oligarchy! Flash Tabloid wants you to trade and network with him! Flash Tabloid also did not provide a means of contact, but the back of the flyer says you can listen at 100.1 FM Sunday and Monday at 3:30 PM and Tuesday at 9 AM! Flash Tabloid is ready to take your call! Flash Tabloid is THERE for YOU! –Rev. Nørb (No address listed)