CANAL IRREAL: Self-titled: 12” EP

Sep 16, 2021

Martín Crudo joins members of Sin Orden and Droid’s Blood in a “supergroup,” if you will. It would be totally understandable if folks expected a blur of blazing thrash-o-rama hardcore from a band with that kinda pedigree. Such expectations would be met with disappointment, but those with a bit more nuanced palate would find a delectable disc here, indeed. While every track could easily be pigeonholed as “hardcore,” and there’s definitely an intensity to their delivery, the structure of the songs themselves and the chorus/flanger/distortion pedal combo utilized on the guitar are both firmly rooted in the post-punk/death rock corner of the room, resulting in a sonic tone not unlike Criminal Code at their peak. This, friends, is a thing of beauty and I can’t stop listening to it. Limited to 550 copies, so ye might wanna jump on this before you later end up mortgaging your spleen to procure a copy. –Jimmy Alvarado (Beach Impediment)