CANAL IRREAL: Self-titled: 12” EP

Sep 16, 2021

Martín Sorrondeguy has a new band that sounds nothing like his old bands, Limp Wrist and Los Crudos. Instead of angry hardcore punk, there’s more of a post-punk influence with Canal Irreal. Imagine if the Wipers met Naked Raygun mashed with some mid-’80s Dischord Records material. Still, don’t think these nine tracks are sedated. There are bursts of energy that show the band has hardcore roots but their mission isn’t to knock you on your ass. There is passion and urgency here but also maturity. Not only does Sorrondeguy have decades in the scene, but Canal Irreal includes experienced members from razacore act Sin Orden. The songs are sung in both English and Spanish, which provides a nice contrast from track to track. I only wish my elementary Spanish was better. –Kurt Morris (Beach Impediment)