CAN YOU DEAL?, $10, 2½”x 5½”, copied, 56 pgs.

May 31, 2017

This is a zine that was obviously a labor of love for zine creator Jennifer Clavin, who is also the singer/songwriter of the band Bleached. The band recently released an EP with the same title. Both the title song and the zine are an exploration and an exasperated expression of feelings about repeatedly being asked “What is it like being a girl in a band?” Further exploring the implications of this question—along with the emotional tug of war the question stirs up—this zine is a collection of articles, poetry, and art from women in music, answering this question. Or perhaps, answering the question about the question. Although there doesn’t seem to be an obvious answer, there are very clear similarities of the experiences of sexism in the music industry. With articles from Tegan Quin (Tegan and Sara) describing how it felt to be labeled as “Tampon Rock,” to Patty Schemel (Upset, Hole) speaking of playing drums until she bleeds, I felt inspired, connected, moved, and most of all, provoked and engaged intellectually. How complex the gender dynamics are within the music scene. Clavin describes the zine in its introduction; “It is for everyone feigning surprise every time a woman plugs in and plays well, gets behind the drums, or has the sickest bass style. It is 2017. Can you deal yet?” This zine is a beautiful and genuine collection of personal experiences that are not only touching, but very articulate and thoughtfully constructed. –Rosie Gonce (,

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