CALL IN DEAD / 2AMATURE: DCxPC Live Presents Volume 1: 7”

Jul 20, 2021

At the height of the pandemic, when all shows were indefinitely postponed, DCxPC promoters and bandmates Mr. P and Mike Hellbound of Call In Dead were, in their words, “struggling with how to handle the shuttering of live music.” Their solution was to try livestreaming and booked time for their band and friends’ band at Danger Room Recording Services in Orlando, who also recorded the livestream as it was broadcast. The result sounded so great that the guys decided to turn DCxPC into a record label and release the live tracks as records. This split 7” is the first product of that new label, and the sound is fantastic. It’s a pristine recording capturing all the blistering intensity of Call In Dead and their friends 2Amature. Call In Dead are everything I want in a hardcore band: raw, abrasive, fast, and angry. 2Amature play poppy garage punk which grew on me after multiple listens but wouldn’t normally be my thing. The plain cover art of the record takes its inspiration from Vindictive Music Label’s classic VML Live Series. I think the live series concept is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to hearing more records of this series as they come out. –Paul J. Comeau (DCxPC, [email protected])

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