CADAVERS: Death & Taxes: CD

Mar 22, 2017

I imagine the pit at a Cadavers show to be really intense and full of people screaming the earnest lyrics back to the band. This album is almost twenty-five minutes of well-produced, dark anarcho hardcore punk from the U.K. Concepts covered on Death & Taxes range from the dark side of consumerism on “Fashion Kills,” war and politics in “Cold World,” and corrupt government in the title track “Death & Taxes.” Several of the songs focus on the crushing impact of a crooked society focused on being overworked to the bone and raging on the weekend, guns and mass shootings, and being brainwashed into thinking that all of this is normal. As the tracks get further into the album, the lyrics start to get more personal and raw, transitioning from cause to effect, the paranoia, self-doubt, and self-deprecation that come from a life centralized on destruction, being told what to do, and not being in control of it. The final track, “In Crowding,” is an ode to that one person who is always ahead of the trend, but thinks it sets them apart from everyone else. Softer vocals and chorus of, “You’re so cool, I don’t wanna be like you,” assure the listener that even though life can suck, it’s fun to yell about how messed up everything is and not want to be like the cool kids. –Cynthia Pinedo (Cadavers,