CABILDO QUARTERLY #9, $1, 11” x 14”, copied, 2 pgs.

Aug 25, 2016

It’s another issue of my favorite non-fiction/fiction/poetry two-page literary writing! For this issue, the piece that spoke to me the most was Karen Lillis’s well-written piece about her introduction to self-publishing. She dropped the names of a number of people with whom I am familiar, such as Soft Skull and The Minus Times, making it relevant to my past experiences with writing. It was a very encouraging piece about the possibilities of writing and getting your own works out there for people to read. There was an interesting piece of fiction about a man and his “pretty awesome” mustache. It’s kind of humorous, even though if you knew anyone like this in real life (and chances are you probably do) you’d want to smack them into next week. The poetry this time around was so-so. Still, the piece by Lillis totally made this worth reading; for those of you who are authors, I’d say this is required reading, especially if you’re feeling discouraged about ever getting your work published. -Kurt Morris (CQHQ, PO Box 784, Belchertown, MA 01007)