CABILDO QUARTERLY #15, $2, 8½” x 14”, copied, 2 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

Razorcake contributor Michael T. Fournier’s latest edition of Cabildo Quarterly, which he puts out with Lisa Panepinto, has the usual mix of poetry and prose. I especially enjoyed the poem about the Rocky Horror Picture Show in St. Paul in 1997. But what sticks out in this issue (and which takes up more than half the content of this legal-size sheet) is an amazing, hilarious “excerpt” from a self-released audiobook by Dale Nixon. There’s no explanation of who wrote this or what the back story is, but for those who are familiar with Black Flag’s history, Dale Nixon was a pseudonym Greg Ginn used whenever he would play bass. The author decided to make Dale Nixon into an actual person in this satirical prose. “Dale” talks about his experience being hired as a studio musician for Black Flag’s My War. Normally he plays in bands that cover Huey Lewis and Lionel Ritchie, so to pretend Dale Nixon is a persona with that background and reading his experiences with Black Flag had me laughing out loud. This story alone deserves its own zine, or hell, even a small book. Perhaps my appreciation of it was made greater by the fact I wrote a book about My War, but any fans of Black Flag with a sense of humor need to read this. One of the best—and funniest—music-related pieces I’ve read in forever. –Kurt Morris (

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