CABILDO QUARTERLY #11, $1, 11” x 14”, copied, 2 pgs.

The fifth anniversary of Cabildo Quarterly finds it at the illogical sum of issue 11. (Math works different in Mike Fournier’s world.) For this issue the traditional format continues: a mixture of poetry and prose spread out over the front and back of an 11” x 14” sheet of paper. This issue has poems by Gale Acuff, Natalie Crick, and Changming Yuan (a 9-time Pushcart nominee?! Wow, Cabildo is moving up!). Prose comes from Rex Thomas, Brendan Kiernan, and Razorcake’s own Sean Arenas. Perhaps I’m partial, but I liked the story by Arenas the most, as it dealt with (as the title suggests) the goings-on of Angelenos. I’m also going to give this issue’s best poem award to Gale Acuff’s piece about a dead dog coming back to life. I believe in supporting the writing and publishing of Razorcake folks, so I’d highly recommend checking this issue out. Also, it’s good writing! –Kurt Morris ([email protected])