CABILDO QUARTERLY #11, $1, 11” x 14”, copied, 2 pgs.

Nov 22, 2017

The fifth anniversary of Cabildo Quarterly finds it at the illogical sum of issue 11. (Math works different in Mike Fournier’s world.) For this issue the traditional format continues: a mixture of poetry and prose spread out over the front and back of an 11” x 14” sheet of paper. This issue has poems by Gale Acuff, Natalie Crick, and Changming Yuan (a 9-time Pushcart nominee?! Wow, Cabildo is moving up!). Prose comes from Rex Thomas, Brendan Kiernan, and Razorcake’s own Sean Arenas. Perhaps I’m partial, but I liked the story by Arenas the most, as it dealt with (as the title suggests) the goings-on of Angelenos. I’m also going to give this issue’s best poem award to Gale Acuff’s piece about a dead dog coming back to life. I believe in supporting the writing and publishing of Razorcake folks, so I’d highly recommend checking this issue out. Also, it’s good writing! –Kurt Morris ([email protected])