C.G. VYLE: Birds of a Feather: CD

Mar 17, 2021

What you got here are the bars of a spoken word artist/poet. And I’m not trying to be a dick, but most of Vyle’s poems are the sort of railing against the system you’ll find on a crust album. For me, that means they don’t really stand on their own. They require musical accompaniment… like a crust band. Vyle isn’t alone in this. Hell, Bob Dylan couldn’t even pull it off a lot of the time and sure as hell didn’t deserve the Nobel Prize for his poetry. All that said; most of Vyle’s work has musical accompaniment. Sometimes he uses minimal experimental music or found sounds. But the lot of his tracks are straight-up punk songs mixing up spoken word with UK82 growling and riffs. He doesn’t credit anybody, so I’m pretty sure he’s behind everything on Birds of a Feather, including the crude production that gives it the feel of a lo-fi bedroom project. I’m a sucker for such DIY tenacity, so this gets my blessing. –Craven Rock (Let Them Eat Tapes)