BUZZCOCKS: Another Music in a Different Kitchen: CD

Apr 08, 2019

As I write this, it has only been a month since the untimely passing of the Buzzcocks’ lead vocalist and co-founder Pete Shelley. A reissue of this seminal debut album was announced for a January 2019 release which now also serves as a tribute since the beloved Shelley died before the release date. While there’s nothing new to report on about the album’s physical contents (artwork and track listing are all the same as previous issues) the impact and legacy of this record is as significant today as it was forty years ago. It is still the blueprint for what would later be known as “pop punk” and I dare anyone from Sum 41 to Radioactivity to say that this album or band has not in some way influenced their sound. Hell, even hardcore bands like Gorilla Biscuits and SSD have paid tribute to the Buzzcocks. The tracks on Another Music… include several of their best known hits such as “I Don’t Mind,” “Autonomy,” and “Fast Cars,” some of which were previously released as singles, which I’m sure helped assert the record buyer a surefire bet that the album was well worth the cost. The palate cleansing “Moving away from the Pulse Beat” is a great way to wrap up an album that had us pogo-ing all over the place from the start. Perhaps the closing lyrics to “Sixteen Again” best summarize where music was at the time and Shelley and co.’s frustration with not really fitting in anywhere: “I hate modern music, disco, boogie, and pop. They go on and on, how I wish they would stop!” I’ll never stop spinning Buzzcocks records. Thanks for the music, Pete. –Juan Espinosa (Domino,