Burnt Sienna By Joshua Bohnsack, 31 pgs.

Jan 21, 2022

This is a short read of flash fiction that consists of cocktail recipes on one page and a short written piece afterward. Some pieces are as short as one sentence while others are two or three pages. Not surprisingly, they primarily deal with alcohol, whether it’s overt or mentioned as an aside. But there’s also a connection to relationships, both superficial and romantic. On occasion the stories detail desperation and sadness. This isn’t shocking given that alcohol often has such an effect on our connections with one another. While I don’t read much flash fiction, I’ve always appreciated it because it doesn’t take much commitment and the reader can get a quick sense of satisfaction as opposed to the time it takes to read, say, a long essay. On the flip side, I’ve often had a problem with flash fiction because it doesn’t take much commitment and thus doesn’t bring the satisfaction that comes with putting time in with a dedicated read. This is a nice little appetizer, a pleasant diversion, and it comes with cocktail recipes that I assume are legit, so consider that a bonus. –Kurt Morris (Longdaypress.com)

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