BURN HOUSES: Self-titled: CD

May 31, 2017

Burn Houses is the recording project of Houston area musician/artist Jon Patrick. I’ve seen Jon playing in a number of punk bands over the years, but with this project he’s taking a more laid back indie rock approach to songwriting. Not completely unlike the Mark Edwards-fronted project/band My Dad Is Dead—whose early records were all completely played by Mark and which all showed some definite Joy Division influence—these songs are all written and performed by Jon and also at times channel some Joy Division sounds in their style and delivery. I can hear quite a bit of The Cure in these songs too, from the varied use of more sparse, shimmery guitar leads to other times including layers and layers of differently textured sounds. When used correctly, repetition can be a songwriter’s best friend, and Burn Houses does repetition perfectly. –Mark Twistworthy (Sinkhole Texas, burnhouses.bandcamp.com)

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