BURN: Do or Die: CD

Nov 22, 2017

With a small but mighty catalog of EPs, but no LP, Burn always felt to me like a band that didn’t get enough credit. Fifteen years after their last release, 2001’s Cleanse, founding vocalist Chaka Malik and founding guitarist Gavin Van Vlack resurrected the band for 2016’s EP From the Ashes. On Do Or Die, all the ingredients that made Burn so intense are here, and then some. The songwriting of Van Vlack and Malik is at its finest, and the new members of the band rise to the occasion with flawless performances. This is the full-length Burn always deserved to have in their catalogue, and it was worth waiting nearly two decades for. –Paul J. Comeau (Deathwish, deathwishinc.com)