BURDEN: Time Tryeth Truth: 7”

Sep 20, 2017

Vinyl pressing of the elusive Burden demo released last year. Burden has since evolved into a (beastly) full lineup, but in their infancy they were a one-man operation and this recording is from that stage in their development. The two songs (plus an intro) on here are slightly-slower-than-mid-tempo oi. Original U.K. oi is certainly the inspiration here, but as it goes, these songs have far more in common with mid-to-late ‘90s American oi like the Templars/Adolf And The Piss Artists. The riffs leave a lot of open space for guitar flourishes, which is taken advantage of. The lyrics are more generous than similar bands (in a good way), and everything here—from the packaging to the lyrics to the recording itself—points towards a very specific goal, which isn’t common for an oi record. Andrew Fletcher, who wrote and recorded all the music here, is a visual artist who eschews typical hardcore/oi imagery with these disproportionate, monstrous people set in landscapes that sort of decay around the characters. The music here is a pretty accurate approximate of his art, which I appreciate. This is a solid outing if a slow burner, and a record that needs a few listens to take in. I saw this band live earlier this year and they are destroying. –Ian Wise (Under Watchful Eyes, underwatchfuleyes.bigcartel.com)