BUNDLES: Deaf Dogs: LP

May 23, 2018

I mean, the end of 2018’s a ways away, but damn if Deaf Dogs isn’t contending for album of the year for me. Holy cow. I loved last year’s split LP with Dan Webb & The Spiders, and now there’s twelve new songs to freak out over. They’re short, compact, frantic, rough-hewn, ferocious and catchy songs, and just about perfect. See, Bundles—and this is important, folks—is one of those bands in which I have zero idea as to what they’re saying, but they say it with such emotion and conviction that I am wholeheartedly convinced anyway. “If I’m convicted, I’ll resign. But I’ve killed all the judges and it feels right. Now I’m taking hostages and bullet wounds and all I think about—you just move the way I like.” I… you got me, guys. No fucking clue what you mean in any of this stuff, but there is such inherent, unbridled passion in these twelve songs, and buoyancy and joy and anger and teeth, that I just love it anyway. Catchy and fierce and recommended. I really hope they tour here. Punk. –Keith Rosson (Gunner USA)