BUM OUT: Pain Don’t Hurt: CS

Nov 29, 2016

Because I am who I am, I cannot separate my experience with Bum Out (and related/former band Come And Take It) from the music on this tape. Here’s what’s important: This a record of angry music created by pleasant dudes. It’s chaotic and formula-defying, much like the bulk of the ‘80s SST catalog. Watching them is sometimes enough to trick me for a brief moment that the ‘80s rock alternative culture is still around. You’ll hear some Hüsker Dü trappings, you’ll hear some Dinosaur Jr. choruses, and some Replacements swagger in the hooks. It’s nostalgia for the This Band Could Be Your Life-era by some guys who mean every note, every chord. Recommended whole-heartedly. –Bryan Static (Twistworthy, twistworthy.com)