BULEMICS, THE: Something Wicked This Way Comes: LP

Aug 25, 2016

The Bulemics have been around for nearly twenty fuckin’ years now and like a good brisket, these Texans have smoked for so long that every morsel is tasty, tender, and ready to tear you apart. In fact, they’ve seemed to reach that optimal stage in a band’s existence where they still have the bile, bite, and balls of youth, but gained the chops and writing skills of experience. I mean, let’s face it, the Dwarves/Zeke brand of four-on-the-floor, sleazy punk rock’n’roll has its limits. This is a very small box to work within. With Something Wicked, The Bulemics are busting that box at its seams. This record is faster, dirtier, and heavier than anything they’ve done, but played and recorded so clearly that all the tasty little nuggets of riffery and vocal nastiness are on full display. –Chad Williams (Slope, sloperecords.com)