BUG: Paralysis: LP

Jan 24, 2024

Victoria BC has been my home for the better part of the last thirty years, and I’m happy to report that in that time there’s been a continual stream of great bands forming and releasing music. One of my favorite local releases this year is from a new band called Bug. Paralysis is their debut, and what a way to come out of the gates. I kind of liken them a bit to a stripped-down Fucked Up. The songs are intricate and almost have an indie rock feel to them but are undeniably rooted in hardcore punk rock. The vocals can go from a sing-songish quality to an unrelenting howl multiple times within a song, with control and finesse. One thing about being a band on an island is it’s easy to not leave. I’d be willing to be that if Bug hit the road, a lot more people would be talking about them in short order. You heard it here first. –Ty Stranglehold (Bug, abandnamedbug.bandcamp.com)

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