BRUTE SPRING: The Perilous Transformation of Kid Spit: CS

Jan 21, 2022

This project’s self-described as “Alan Vega meets Throbbing Gristle, (made) by a kid who grew up on Atari Teenage Riot with a bunch of broken gear,” and that’s probably better than anything I could come up with. Industrial mindfuck of an album: tense and brooding and weird. Definitely has—particularly via the breathy vocals of a song like “Spiritual Leader”—a Suicide vibe for sure. A skyscraper’s worth of tension here, nothing soothing or calming about it, and while this stuff is far out of my wheelhouse, these Brute Spring pieces feel intentional and layered, nuanced. A sense of being crafted carefully, and I don’t always feel that way about this sort of thing. It’s far from just noise, though noise is so integral to it. One of the more interesting albums I’ve fielded within this genre. –Keith Rosson (Swimming Faith)