BRUTAL JR.: Party Garbage: CS

Sep 16, 2021

This record sounds like it’s from the past, but a non-descript one rather than a specific era. It’s intensely listenable, slower but just as dark as The Faint, with a hint of Danzig’s edgy crooning. Definitely in the darkwave vibe arena but maybe without hitting all the rote boxes of the genre—which is a good thing! All of this makes sense given the fact that the band describes this as a concept album about a creature (?) called OC-666 who returns to their home planet to find it ravaged by terrible human qualities like greed and excess. In this sense, it feels like an atmospheric commentary on the state of the world, using otherworldly noises and sounds to confront the disappointments and laments of today. I would be remiss if I didn’t also note the super cool green cassette, which reminds me of Nickelodeon slime. All of these things combined mean an exciting and listenable foray into something very cool and original. Do enjoy. –Theresa W. (Broken Sound)