BRUISER QUEEN: Telepathic Mind: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

Okay, this is a two-song 7” but one song is a cover of Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark,” so I’m just going to talk about the original song, “Telepathic Mind.” It’s good! This upbeat garage pop rock track doesn’t sound old or overdone, but it makes me feel nostalgic in the right ways. I can imagine this song playing in a teen movie I’m watching on my living room floor in the ‘90s. I can imagine it playing on my headphones while attending college in Olympia in the 2000s. As an aside: I love the Robin Eisenberg-esque art which is centered on a pastel blue body decked out in femme attire with four arms and a hand for a head with an eye in the palm. Appropriate for the song. The Midwest is so lucky to have Bruiser Queen. You can find them often if you live around St. Louis. –Nicole X (

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