BRUISER QUEEN: Heavy High: 12” LP

Jul 25, 2018

Bruiser Queen is undoubtedly one of St. Louis’ best kept secrets. They consistently revive the most critical elements found in the best female-fronted acts of ‘90s and ‘60s. A little gritty, a little poppy, strong vocals, and guitar that replaces bass. I don’t often let the last one slide, but I do for Sleater-Kinney and Bruiser Queen. This album kicks off with “Sugar High,” and it should come as no surprise that the track itself reflects the theme of the lyrics: find a way to coat the rough times in all the good you can find. It continues on with strong, upbeat, pop/garage rock tracks for most of the album, but things do take a turn for a slower in the second half. I’m not sure this is where Bruiser Queen shines but vocalist Morgan Nusbaum can certainly carry a track with little instrumentation. Standout tracks: “Telepathic Mind” and “Teenage Fire.” –Nicole X (Certified PR, [email protected])