BROWER: Buzzsaws: LP

May 20, 2019

Buzzsaws is the first full-length album by Brower, a group whose glam and power pop sensibilities fuse a sound both retro and inventive. Involuntary foot movement is inevitable. The album begins with “Real Girl,” a catchy number with a slow guitar upswing and drowsily rising chorus spinning playfully into the atmosphere of Big Star. A few songs later, “69th Rd.” picks up the pace with some glam-studded boogie. “Hacksaw” starts a simple, mid-tempo bass riff combined with whisper-talk vocals. The song keeps the pace of a T. Rex bopper eventually devolving into a lake of droning keyboard and watery guitar. “You May Know Me as the Kind of Guy Who…” is another late night, power popper to swing to. The album continues back and forth between bring-on-the-night glam and final-approach-for-a-late-night-landing power pop. It appeals to fans of both without pandering. Tasteful tambourine is interjected throughout. It’s a stand out for you and your uncool niece. –Billups Allen (Dig)