Nov 29, 2016

I have to get my bias out of the way: I am not really a fan of mellow instrumental music. Despite that, I went the due diligence route and sat through most of all the songs. The first track, “Don’t Go to that Pool Party,” starts off exactly the way you might expect—a little summery and shimmery and a lot mellow. About halfway through it gets some decently heavy riffs but they disappear quickly. And that’s about as heavy as the album ever gets. The ninth track, “Decollage,” has some weird audio clips and a sort of creepy feeling reminiscent of Godspeed! but, again, it dissipates soon after it begins. Overall, this is for those who like their instrumentals more Pinback and less Pelican. Not bad, but not for me. –Nicole X (Doubleplusgood,

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