BROMURE: A La Roquette: 7”

Sep 20, 2017

Before Rixe were a band, and before Lion’s Law took off, there was a mostly under-the-radar Parisian band called Maraboots that played with the styles of early French oi and punk in a way that was catchy and exciting. Members went on to form the aforementioned bands and a few others and have gone to receive considerable praise for their efforts. Maraboots always held a special place in my heart that was never quite filled by their later projects (as much as I enjoy them), and this is as close to that Maraboots style which that group of people has come to in the last several years. The songs are catchy but not anthemic; they’re cold without sounding sparse. The saxophone on the songs rounds out the sound in that distinctly French way (though many have tried, no one outside the originating country of the oi sax has ever really nailed it like they have). Highly recommended. –Ian Wise (UVPR,