BROADWAY CALLS: Sad in the City: CD

Broadway Calls’s first album in seven years, Sad in the City, has a grittier sound thatfits in with the type of year 2020 has been so far, and is sort of political at times, without being political. The opening lyrics of “Never Take Us Alive” bring the honest reality a lot of us are feeling right now: “If my country collapses/ Can I crash on your couch?/ Think I’m hyperbolic?/ Wish I was fucking around.” It’s straight to the point, and kind of joking, but not. This album contains strong drums, bass lines, and guitar throughout, teamed with powerful lyrics. Title track “Sad in the City” is an example of these impactful words, stating, “There’s a stain on the road shaped like a kid/ There’s a target on your back/ where it’s always been/ Now everyone is sad in the city.” Love song “Meet Me on the Moon” is very sweet and reminiscent of the storytelling style The Ataris use. Broadway Calls displays their resilience by transforming the dreary and apocalyptic time we are experiencing into eleven tracks consisting of melodic, catchy, and fast pop punk sure to be stuck in your head long after listening. –Cynthia Pinedo (Red Scare)