Nov 22, 2017

I will argue with anyone that the era of the legendary U.K. post-punk group The Fall which Brix Smith contributed to was the best, most tunefully crafted songs from their thirty-plus years of being a band. So, when it was announced that a group of disgruntled ex-members of the absolute classic and undoubtedly best lineups of the Fall were making new music under “The Extricated” moniker (a reference itself to the 1990 record by The Fall of the same name after a lineup shakeup that saw Brix leave the band), I knew this was something I was going to be excited about. Part 2 is their first LP, and it’s, as expected, super catchy and absolutely great. Possibly the best part about this is that they’re not exactly attempting to simply rehash what they did throughout the ‘80s when the core of the group were members of The Fall, but they’re making something new and focused on the future rather than dwelling on the past. Well, there’s a little rehashing here as there are two old Fall songs reworked among the ten, but both are songs that Brix (now Brix Smith-Smart) originally had writing credit on. The new songs are spunky like a great garage pop band should be, and actually bring to mind the best of the Brix era mixed with Blondie on a shimmering psych pop bender. Recommended. –Mark Twistworthy (Blang,