BRIX AND THE EXTRICATED: “Something to Lose”: 7”/CD

Jan 18, 2017

For the curious, Brix is actually Brix Smith Start, formerly of The Fall and who was once married to that band’s mercurial frontman Mark E. Smith. This single is her new band’s first release following a period of plying its trade at venues up and down the U.K. “Something to Lose” is a great song with bluesy riff-laden verses and a poppy chorus; a perfect amalgam to set down a marker for the band. “Faced with Time” has a more consistent post-punk feel to it and ensures a touch of variety between the two songs. The CD release contains a bonus track, a live version of The Fall’s “US 80’s 90’s” and it’s a damn fine effort too, as one would expect from an outfit containing three former members of that band. –Rich Cocksedge (Blang, [email protected],