BRITT: Kill the Man: CD

Sep 26, 2019

When I saw the cover to this CD, which is the upper half of singer Brittany Johnson’s face with the phrase “Kill the Man” carved into her forehead, I was like, “YES! YES! YES! This is going to be some chaotic metal type shit!” Alas, it was not. It reminded me more of Chelsea Wolfe minus the doom metal influence. These six songs are well-crafted, but they’re more indie pop with a slightly darker vibe. Perhaps like something that would’ve come out on Dischord in the ’90s. They’re very well done and finely crafted tunes, but I’m not sure most Razorcake readers will be the target audience. However, if you feel like expanding your musical tastes into some moody indie pop tunes with great vocals, this should do quite nicely. –Kurt Morris (Poison Moon,