BRIAN MCCARTY AND THE JEN-U-WINE FAUX DIAMOND BAND: “Hamtramck Jukebox” b/w “A Place in the Sun”: 7”

Jan 05, 2022

The founding vocalist of Trash Brats, Brian McCarty has been releasing solo material on the side for over twenty years. On this release, McCarty plays a pair of blues-y rock’n’roll tracks, including a pumped-up cover of the Stevie Wonder song “A Place in the Sun.” A varied cast of backing members on each track, anchored by Kevin Perri on bass, help bring these songs to life. I enjoyed both tracks on the record, but I’m not sure I could handle an entire LP unless they get a little less blues and a lot more rock’n’roll. –Paul J. Comeau (Interstate 94,

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