BRAT KINGS: Hypnopedia: LP

Nov 29, 2016

Brat Kings, who hail from “The Great White North,” play gritty garage punk’n’roll in the vein of Rocket From The Crypt, Rough Kids, and Testors. Although they feature Chance from Sonic Avenues, Brat Kings are less poppy and more serrated, with vocal chord-shredding melodies and guitars that cut like a knife. The lo-fi production is never shrill, as the noise and distortion highlight the sweat-drenched, bass-driven basement punk tone of Hypnopedia’s twelve songs, which they execute with surgical precision, from the blindingly fast (“Control,” “Rat Tail,” “Moths”) to the dark and brooding (“Last Sun” and “Meat Kitchen”). This is an incredible first LP, with a lot of staying power. File this alongside Automatic Midnight and On the Outside. –Sean Arenas (Brain Gum, / Dirt Cult,


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