BRACKET: Too Old to Die Young: LP

Aug 01, 2019

After spending a few years slowing down and putting out records on other labels, the black sheep of Fat Wreck have made a triumphant return. Black sheep only in that I don’t imagine they’ve seen anywhere close to the record sales as Lagwagon or some of the other flagship bands. But here’s the thing, Bracket is great, and they’ve always been great. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Too Old to Die Young is equally stellar. Somehow, they’re able to sound near-identical to how they did twenty years ago, guitar tones and all. Seriously impressive. Coincidentally, I recently revisited their older stuff (924 Forestville, et cetera.), so this album has perfect timing. No surprises here at all. The soundtrack of simpler times. Someone please reissue 924 Forestville, too. –Steve Adamyk (Fat,