BOYS ORDER: Do the Wild Cat: LP

Mar 28, 2018

On the recent M.O.T.O. tribute compilation from Secret Mission, Boys Order, from Japan, nailed a pitch perfect cover of “Deliver,” so I was excited to snag their debut full length—and, without hyperbole, it’s one of the catchiest records I’ve ever heard. Do the Wild Cat opens with the bubbly powerpop gem “W.A.V.E!”—and from there on out Boys Order is unstoppable. The title track somehow shifts from a propulsive verse to a mid-tempo chorus without screeching to a halt while “Blue Blue Red” includes every infectious pop device imaginable: “oohs,” keyboards, a propulsive bassline, and vocal harmonies. (Also, any record with a song called “Party! Party! Party!” is right by me.) By the time “Run after Shadows” closes the record with a gleeful climax, saxophone and all, Boys Order hasn’t stumbled once. Do the Wild Cat is pure, unadulterated powerpop perfection. –Sean Arenas (Secret Mission,