BOY(MOUTH): To the Maxxxx!: CD-R

May 25, 2021

On this week’s installment of Boy(Mouth) Beat, we find the gang delivering what might well be their magnum opus—a twenty-seven minute cover of Flipper’s “Brainwash,” delivered in a highly marketable “inept Devo” style! As with other great battles of the wills between consumer and consumable (Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music immediately comes to mind, Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad also qualifies), the sheer magnitude of the piece moves it from the realm of neo-jokedom into the rarified straits of an almost physical endurance test to see who blinks first (don’t take that metaphor too literally; Hypno-Toad doesn’t blink at all). I am pleased to say I sat through all thirty-one fifty-three-second repetitions, though not without squirming. Although I’m sure many people might have suggested that Boy(Mouth) stop playing music over the years, I’m likely going to be the only one saying that they should stop playing music only because they will never top this epic caper. Rest easy, men! Your place in Rock History has been assured! BEST SONG: “Brainwash.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Untitled 3.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Forget it, you wouldn’t understand anyway. –Rev. Nørb (Rotten Princess)

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