BOY(MOUTH): Tennessee Tazer Truck: CS

Dec 03, 2020

Well, whatever it is that this mysterious and prolific assemblage is up to, they’re certainly doing it up full bore. The first song, “Unpopular Opinion,” reminds me of one half of that two-piece band the Maniax, who did that song “Off to War” on the Not So Quiet on the Western Front compilation from back in the day— basically the sound of one guy screaming (plus guitar). The rest is weirder. This cassette has drum machine sounds that are so amazingly shitty sounding that I covet the secret recipe for their shittiness in the way that I might have once coveted the secret recipe for drum sound non-shittiness thirty or thirty-five years ago. It seems like I should hang on to this cassette because five years from now these guys will be the next Radiohead or Guided By Voices or something, and everyone will think I’m cool because I have it and there were only twenty-five made. You can’t be first, but you can always be next! BEST SONG: “Unpopular Opinion.” BEST SONG TITLE: “The World is Getting Weirder.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: As always, this cassette is broken down into a B side and an M side. –Rev. Nørb (Rotten Princess,

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