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Jan 26, 2021

Have you ever seen Ghost Adventures? It’s a reality show where three paranormal investigators travel to the most haunted places in the world looking for ghosts. They lock themselves inside abandoned houses, warehouses, insane asylums, and hospitals in hopes of catching any paranormal activity. But that’s just a small percentage of the appeal of this show. The three investigators are extremely bro-y and pretty douchey. If they wore visors they would definitely be on their heads sideways. The earlier seasons are pure dumb joy that occasionally give you the willies in between all the dialogue spit out by the dude-bros.

Dead Dudes
is a take on this now over-saturated genre of cable TV paranormal investigator shows in a cartoonish, gory, and funny graphic novel.

Ghost Bros is a soon-to-be canceled reality TV show in a world where a sea of other similar shows exist. The three bros try to get their fanbase back by staying overnight in a prison that no other investigator dares to go near—The Edgeway Penitentiary. Edgeway was where hundreds of prisoners and staff perished in a fire many years ago. Almost immediately after the Ghost Bros dare to show up to prove that ghosts are real, they are gruesomely murdered by real ghosts.

The Ghost Bros are now actually “ghost bros” spiritually stuck in the prison and hiding from the crazed undead staff and prisoners. In a twist to paranormal lore, ghosts only exist for a couple of years before they dissipate into nothing unless they eat one of their ghostly peers. Makes sense, right? The bros “survive” by hiding from the cannibalistic ghosts until their rival show The Parawarriors show up to film their own investigation! From that point, the book becomes a bloody tale of survival, betrayal, good vs. evil, and ratings.

If you enjoy the shenanigans of Ghost Adventures, this should be a very entertaining read. The main characters start unlikeable but become slightly more redeemable as the book goes on. The action goes fast but maybe a little too quickly. I have to admit that I had to double back sometimes because I thought I missed plot points. A lot of things happen in just a few panels. The bros’ dialogue is, well, bro-y. And the book covers up swear words with a large red “BLEEEP,” and that gets obnoxious after a while.

The artwork by Ben Sears is big, bold, and simple. The lines are thick, the colors are bright when they need to be and toned down and eerie when scenes get dark and murder-y. I love how the greenish glow of the ghosts and how blood is depicted as big red blobs that take up most of a panel.

I’ve always enjoyed Ben Sears comics and after reading Dead Dudes I want to check out other works by writer Christopher Sebela because this book is good BLEEEP. (You see how annoying that is?) –Rick V. (Oni Press,