BOY/MOUTH: Lends a Hand: CS

May 24, 2022

The B side’s (as is traditional, this release is split into a B side and an M side) “My Cavity Is Leaking” continues the god-damn-I-thought-no-one-was-doing-that-anymore tradition started by Black Flag’s “Damaged,” whereby artistes end the sides of their records with some slow-moving, grinding, sludge-noise number wherein the singer bares the very depths of their soul at the top of their lungs until the catharsis builds to a fevered climax and they puke their guts out through their nose at the end. Since this dirge is the only song on Side B, it starts the side off as well as ends it, which just serves to underscore the nimble innovation for which Boy/Mouth is so universally acclaimed. On the M side, “A Pick Me Up” is to Boy/Mouth what “This Is Radio Clash” was to the Clash. The other song is more sensitive. Another triumph! BEST SONG: “A Pick Me Up.” BEST SONG TITLE: “My Cavity Is Leaking.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This single is a benefit release for a friend of the band who lost everything they had in the California wildfires. I very, very, very truly hope I never find myself in a position where royalties from Boy/Mouth cassette singles compose a sizable portion of my revenue stream. –Rev. Nørb (Rotten Princess)