BOTCHED TOE: A False Glimmer of Hope: LP

Mar 15, 2022

Well, it wouldn’t be a review rotation without a release featuring the ubiquitous James Domestic, a man who seems to be unable to sit back and take a breather from music. Botched Toe finds him spewing forth his dismal view on the state of affairs in the world today, with impenetrable riffs offering a jackhammer accompaniment. The rhythm section aids and abets this aural assault with alacrity to provide a pummeling undertow which propels the album across its eighteen minutes. This took me a good few listens before I got into its groove but I’m pleased that I persevered. –Rich Cocksedge (Kibou, [email protected], / Amok, / Toxic Wotsit, [email protected], / No Time, / Pike, [email protected])