BORZOI: A Prayer for War: LP

Nov 27, 2018

Maybe this sounds like NoMeansNo or maybe this sounds like Rites Of Spring or maybe this is some manner of conceptual descendant of the Fearless Iranians From Hell or maybe this sounds like what half the roster on Alternative Tentacles wishes they sounded like at any given time, but once I realized that it was reminding me of all those “challenging” records from the late ’80s like Steel Pole Bathtub or Bomb that I tried to get (I really did try) (sorta) but eventually just threw up my hands and gave up on, then I couldn’t stop thinking that the return of the late ’80s (non-hair-metal/non-skull-bandana version) was, indeed, what this was. I’m sure this is somebody’s favorite record and a brilliant statement on war and the constriction of institutional thought and a million and one other deep, worthy things, but I am too goddamn old to sit through another five years of the late ’80s. Give this to some kid who doesn’t have PTSD. Thanks. BEST SONG: “The Tonsure Twist.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Kill the Irish.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Fuck Yog-Sothoth and his all-seeing, all-knowing jealousy of the mighty Borzoi. If not for Yog’s infernal meddling, this album would have been in your hands years ago.”Rev. Nørb (12XU,