BORN SHIT STIRRERS / LED ZEP VIET CONG: Overworked Underfucked: Split 7” EP

Jan 21, 2022

I couldn’t exactly dope out why someone would have hauled off and sent me one of these all the way from foreign shores until I played it and realized it was because I was on it. Shows ya how much I’ve been paying attention to life these days. Be that as it may, LZVC sound (in places, anyway) like drunken punkers trying to achieve some sort of barfy Replacements-esque whimsy, yet either unwilling or unable (or both) to ditch the punk formula for anything too terribly reminiscent of hanging out at a record store, therefore they come off as appropriately primitive and ridiculous. Meanwhile, the BSS fling five frantic (and occasionally filthy) flailings forward, some of ’em real pearl-clutchers. They sound like chaps who think Snuff would be all right if they just weren’t so gosh darn serious, uptight, and long-winded. I think I’ll just refer to “Sit on My Face Kyoko” as “wonderfully uninhibited” and leave it at that. These losers are winners! BEST SONG: Either “Liquored Up” or “Kin Mugi Mother Fucker” by Led Zep Viet Cong. BEST SONG TITLE: Either “This Machine Kills Cockblockers,” “Sit On My Face Kyoko,” “Stop Wiping Your Arse Over My Facebook Feed” or “The Plural of Vinyl Is Vinylses,” by Born Shit Stirrers. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This record has a full-color label; these dudes must be made of money! –Rev. Nørb (Serial Bowl)

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