BOOZE & GLORY: London Skinhead Crew: 12” EP

Sep 26, 2018

By now you know if you care about Booze & Glory, the insanely catchy British oi champions that put out several fun releases over the past decade. This release is noteworthy regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the band. Pirates Press sometimes puts out such cool records, that it’s challenging not to view them as showing off. Then again, they deserve to gloat with this insane release of the hit Booze & Glory song “London Skinhead Crew,” which includes the original and reggae/ska versions of this track that is so popular its video has over 12 million views on YouTube. The vinyl is insane in that both sides play from the inside out, with the song title die cut out of the outer edge of the record. It’s a gorgeous slab of vinyl if ever there was one. –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press)