BOOTLICKER: Live in the Swamp: CS

This is a battle of pros and cons for me. Bootlicker is a hardcore punk band from Vancouver that I really enjoy and have praised in these very pages. That is the pro. The cons are I generally don’t really like live albums very much, and I really don’t like cassettes. Well, good thing for me, this sounds really great, doesn’t fall prey to the usual shittiness of live recordings, and I can always just listen to it online. Sounds like I have made the decision. This is a winner! As always, they are tough, angry, and relentless. The folks at this show in Norfolk Va. got a hell of a show. I’m glad I have this. Neon Taste is always doing little things to make their releases that tiny bit cooler. In this case it is something as simple as the tape equivalent of an obi strip. Completely useless, but somehow perfectly necessary. Including the flyers for both the show and the tour was a nice touch too. –Ty Stranglehold (Neon Taste)