BOOJI BOYS: Tube Reducer: LP

Sep 26, 2019

The pride of Halifax is back with their third album and I couldn’t be happier. With their first two albums, Booji Boys solidified their place as the kings of low-resolution party hardcore (or “pardcore” as I like to call it). I often find myself telling people, “No, your speakers aren’t wrecked. It’s supposed to sound like that.” It’s true that there have been some complaints about the frapped-out approach that the Boojis are know for, but I’m not one. I love the feeling that you’re discovering these ripping tunes which are seemingly from another time and place, but the realization soon creeps in that this exists in the here and now. You’re not late to the party! There is no question in my mind this band absolutely rules when they play live. I am still patiently waiting for them to come out west and show me. Tube Reducer is yet another stellar chapter in the story of these Maritime madmen! You need this in your life! –Ty Stranglehold (Drunken Sailor,